"I have used Eileen to proof a quarterly arts publication including contributed text and calendar items from fifteen organizations, an annual report, and a detailed program for an arts performance. She is accurate, quick, reliable, pleasant to work with, and very reasonable in cost."

David Neumeyer, James River Council for Arts and Humanities, Opera on the James, Virginia Legal Aid Society


"Eileen Lass was a great help in 'sharpening the hook' of the synopsis* for the cover of The Ultimate Game. Her background, talent and patience make her the perfect sounding board when transforming thoughts into written words."
Mel Turner, Author

* See "Before and After" tab.


"Eileen is an outstanding proofreader.  She did my Twenty Years With Alzheimer's Disease and I was very pleased.  She not only corrected my typos, but smoothed things out and made helpful editorial suggestions.  And she did it quickly.  I highly recommend her work."

Lowell Sykes, Author


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"Eileen did a great job proofreading two large books for us: checking for grammar and spelling errors, watching for consistency in formatting, offering suggestions on general writing issues, and looking up many Bible references for accuracy."

 Pam Forster, Author


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"Eileen is thorough, creative and professional in her proofreading and editing.  She has helped my writing come to life.  Her encouraging remarks and cheerful personality take away the pain of all the red pen strokes!"

 Stephanie Fassero


"I have come to count on Eileen's good eye for punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes.  She is able to get into the mind of my audience, see what information I am assuming, and help me see what needs to be explained further.  Eileen loves people and loves communicating.  I know that she cares that I communicate effectively with my audience. Try using her editorial services yourself.  You'll be glad you did!"

 Judith Newland


"Eileen Lass is a valuable member of our publishing team, proofreading all of our regional magazines. She is detail-oriented and we value her as an "extra set of eyes" carefully reading articles, ads, table of contents and other features. We pride ourselves on our editorial system prior to Eileen's review, but have been continually pleased with the additional editorial errors and inconsistencies that Eileen is able to find. Using Eileen in the final stages of our publishing process has proven time and time again to be an asset to the professionalism and integrity of our product.

"Eileen is easy to work with and we appreciate her quick turnaround time because meeting deadlines is an essential part of our business. She explains problems, offers suggestions, and gives options for improving the clarity of our text. She also offers valuable input on photos and other design issues."

Colleen Dougherty and Julie Pierce, West Willow Publishing favorite-things


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"I highly recommend Eileen Lass as a proofreader. Eileen is committed to excellence, and she has the language skills, knowledge of grammar and syntax, literary instincts, and "eye for detail" to help any writer "get it right." That was my experience as she worked painstakingly to prepare my book for publication. Plus, she does her work in a timely fashion, with a cheerful spirit and an evident commitment to be as helpful as possible. You will enjoy having Eileen work with you on your publishing project, and you will appreciate the outcome!"

John T. Mabray


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